About how to register for The Gax 100 miles

Information om registrering till The Gax 100 miles

Bildreferens: Daniel Westergren https://ultramarathon.se/

On the 30:th of November at 12:00 o’clock Central European time we will open up for registration. These are the rules and restrictions:

  • Maximum of 75 registered participants are allowed.
  • 20 of the registrations are reserved for women. We hope that we will have a more equal amount of both genders next year than we had recent years. If not all the 20 spots have been sold after the 30:th of November or in 2019. We will consider selling the remaining spots sometime in spring 2020 for both genders.
  • For those who want to accomplish The Swedish 100 mile challenge and have completed both Black River Run and Kullamannen. You can reserve a starting spot by sending an e-mail to us. We will then check with the results from these two races if we can grant your reservation.
  • For those who has helped us in The Gax 100 miles 2019 as staff during the race can also make a reservation to register in next year’s event.

At the moment it is impossible to say how many starting spots that will be available on the day the registration window opens. It depends how many of reserveations made by those who wants to fix The Swedish 100 mile challenge and that has helped us during Gax 2019.

If you do not want miss the oppurtunity to run The Gax 100 miles 2021 you can of course join us as staff/supporters at our aidstations or road-crossings in The Gax 100 miles 2020.  By helping us in the next year’s event you will not only have a wonderful time but we will also put you in the starting list of reservations for 2021. Just like we did for the staff that helped us this year. Isn’t that GREAT??!!! Please send us an e-mail in that matter.

Contact us at gax@gax100.com