Welcome to The Gax 100 miles 2020
One registration cost 950 SEK (that is about $100 or 90 Euro)
Number of participants is set to 75

Please respect the following order:
Men shall make their registration here
Women shall make make their registration here

The limit of male participants is set to 45 (please obey this rule).
The limit of female participants is set to 20 (if the limit is reached you may register as a man (we will fix that afterwards :-)))
Those who have made reservation for The Gax 100 miles 2020 are 10 persons.

For now we have three startinglists but we will next week try to modify it into one list.

Startinglist Men
Startinglist Women
Startinglist for reserved

If you are cancelling your participation for next year’s race

You may sell your registration to anyone and contact us to make a namechange so we can make a registration for the new participant. You may sell your registration until the 12:th of July 2020.